Adonis Golden Ratio Review

You may have been scouring both online and off-line information sources to find a genuine Adonis Golden ratio review. For all of us who wish to achieve a muscular and lean body, it is important to understand whether a certain program is really helpful or not, whether it has been created by renowned an experienced individual or not. In this comprehensive review of Adonis Golden ratio program, I will acquaint you with the details of this program, its contents and its pros and cons. At the end of it, you should be able to make an informed decision about its purchase.

What is Adonis Golden ratio?

Adonis Golden ratio is the ideal proportion that should exist between the measurements of a man’s shoulder and waist circumference. This shoulder to waist ratio is also referred to as Adonis index.

What is Adonis Golden ratio program?

Adonis Golden ratio program is the result of hard work, study and testing carried out by John Barban for 10 long years. John holds a degree from University of Florida and turned around his own bad genetics (reflected in a pear shaped body) into an athletic and Adonis build.

Before starting with the program, the user is advised to measure his shoulders and waist. This is done in order to make correct calculations for an individual’s ideal diet program, workout regime and calorie intake. Users’ age, height and weight are also kept in consideration. The program spans over a period of 12 weeks and the workouts vary depending on the users’ specific requirements.

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Adonis Golden ratio program contents

1. Adonis Golden ratio nutrition guide – This is provided in the form of a PDF file and consists of all information related to the type of foods to eat, foods to avoid and overall healthy nutrition.

2. Adonis Golden ratio training system – Also available in the form of PDF, it consists of all relevant information related to resistance training, depending on the users’ exact requirements, whether it be muscle building, fat loss or both.

3. Access to online community – All buyers of Adonis Golden ratio program receive access to an online community which features several members who’ve already benefited from the program.

4. Adonis Golden ratio nutrition software – This is an online software where you can easily calculate your actual golden index, personal golden ratio, and your daily or weekly food intake requirements.

5. Access to online video coaching library – As it is evident, this is an online video library with several useful videos to help you along your journey.

6. Supplementation guide – John Barban believes that a large majority of diet supplements are complete waste of money. He has worked in this industry and is aware of all its intricate details. However, there are a few optional supplements you can still benefit from. These are the ones that he details out for you in this supplementation guide.

7. Additional bonuses – John Barban gives you additional bonuses along with your purchase of Adonis Golden ratio program. These are: lifetime unlimited access to free upgrades, arms and abs assault guide and 7 Days Out program to give an extra heavy appearance to your muscles.


Adonis Golden ratio program pros

1. Instant access – You receive instant access to the manual and all online tools. So, you can start following the program immediately.

2. Online community – This plays a key role as it helps you keep motivated and on the track.

3. Flexible program – You can alter your workout routines depending on your exact requirements – fat loss, muscle building or lean muscle gain.

4. Is useful for all body types – Regardless of your current body state, you can benefit from this program if you follow it diligently.

5. Promotes healthy lean muscle building – Rather than having a professional bodybuilder and overly muscular appearance, Adonis Golden ratio program focuses on development of healthy lean muscle mass.

6. Reputed and knowledgeable author – John Barban has excellent academic credentials and has successfully benefited from his own program before taking it to the market to help others.

7. Tried and tested – Carry out a simple Google search and you will come across thousands of testimonials related to people’s success with Adonis Golden ratio program.

8. Very thorough in its approach – Adonis Golden ratio program is made up of several thorough features such as online community, software calculators, video coaching and information manuals. All working in tandem to deliver a fantastic body to you.

Adonis Golden ratio program cons

1. 7 Days Out bonus – I personally found the 7 Days Out additional bonus program to be quite overboard when it comes to its claims.

2. Supplementation guide – The supplementation guide can work out as both pro and con. You’ll be able to recognise the supplements which are complete waste of money, but may also be tempted to spend extra on the ones which are recommended.

Where to buy Adonis Golden ratio program?

In order to ensure that you receive the authentic and complete version of Adonis Golden ratio program, it is important that you buy it only from its official website put up by John Barban personally. This will also enable you to benefit from all free of cost bonuses he provides.

Adonis Golden ratio program review – Final thoughts

All in all, Adonis Golden ratio program is definitely worth a try for people who’ve been struggling with achieving a lean, muscular and fit body.